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Happy 109th Birthday Greta Garbo!!

(September 18th, 1905 - April 15th, 1990)

"If there was less to her than met the eye, it was because so much met the eye—and because no one, least of all Greta Gustafsson, could live up to a woman whose mystery lay in the erotic consciousness of her beholders. As Kenneth Tynan marveled: ‘Nothing intrudes between her and the observer except the observer’s neuroses: She gives to each onlooker what he needs.’ Since film is the only art that provides its performers with a fountain of youth, the Garbo spell was cast year after year, decade after decade, with no additional expenditure of effort in her part. The Ineffable Movies: each time they’re screened, they disappear but never die. Because Garbo left the screen at age thirty-six, no movie camera would ever record her aging process. She achieved in life what Marilyn Monroe and James Dean got only in death: perpetual youth and regeneration."

-Barry Paris



Beethoven - Piano Trio, Op. 97 “Archduke” - I. Allegro moderato

Performed by Eugene Istomin, piano; Isaac Stern, violin; Leonard Rose, cello in Winterthur, Switzerland on October 2, 1965.

Can’t stop listening to this movement. It gives me a feeling of returning to a place I hold a lot of nostalgia for which is going to happen in a few days!!

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